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The 2023-2024 finalists

At the Semi-Final, the judges selected four of the eight ideas for further development by our project teams at the short-list event in April 2024.

Below we present the four teams ideas that made it to the Final. You can also learn about all eight teams’ presentations at the Semi-Final on our Longlist page.


Policy Summarisation Chatbot, submission from the Home Office

POSUM: Policy Summarisation Chatbot – introducing generative AI to revolutionise how governmental agencies harness their data, by strengthening staff tools and minimising time spent, as well as saving taxpayers’ money and improving outcomes for citizens.


NHS Geospatial Planning Tool, submitted by Paul from Department of Health and Social Care

NHS Geospatial Planning Tool – using open-source software and publicly accessible datasets to support NHS workers in planning visits to patient’s home, reduce emissions through optimised travel planning and ensure coverage across GP practices.


Streamlining the NHS-DWP Death Data Exchange, submitted by Corey from Department for Work & Pensions

GENIE: Streamlining the NHS-DWP Death Data Exchange – automating how data is shared between the NHS and DWP to reduce duplication of civil servant workloads and reliance on legacy systems.


Optimising Prison Space Management, submitted by John from Ministry of Justice

Optimising Prison Space Management – using algorithms and data analytics to create a system that predicts, in real-time, when and where prison spaces will become available.